About Us

Mobesko has been established by 92 big entrepreneurs who sell all such goods as furniture, household goods and home appliances, kitchenware, rugs and carpets, soft furnishings, home textiles, lighting accessories, office furniture, and bath accessories in order to bring together the elite brands of Turkey and Kocaeli in line with the retailing concept of today.

The Limited Liability Durable Consumption Goods and Furniture Makers and Sellers Collective Business Place and Cooperative (MOBESKO) which was established mainly by the entrepreneurs in Kocaeli on the date of 01.05.2006 made its first investment and purchased the piece of land with an area of 91,578 m2 on the date of 28.06.2006. On the date of 26.05.2007 the foundations of MOBESKO were laid and the construction of the project was started, and then started out its business life in May, 2010.

Within the project, in addition to the 92 shops, we have such facilities and possibilities as restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, where our visitors can meet their needs and have a joyful shopping and an open car park for 750 cars and a closed car park for 800 cars, where they can easily park their cars. Each one of our shops is made up of 4 floors each which has an area of 400 m2 comprising the total area of 1600 m2.


You can find every product that you look for and dream for your house..

you can purchase what you have found at reasonable prices and under economic conditions..

you will not have such problems as Car Parks and Security...

you will find a service beyond shopping..

you will meet with people who are experienced and experts in their jobs, have respect for people, and smile...

Indeed, you will have fun……

In short  MOBESKO,

is for you, specially designed for you, has richness of alternatives and choices, economic and reliable, and a day that will be spent happily...…


Don’t forget!

Everybody deserves the “BEST”...

Our services;

Car park,




Barber (Hair Dresser),

Tea House,

Car Wash