Message of the Chairman

In order that Turkey can reach its 2023 vision all the sectors should spend their full efforts. We, as the furniture sector, shall have important contributions to these efforts. In the foundation of these contributions lie employment, exports, innovation, and production. These four main factors helps the sector to develop and improve further, because the sector has grown 13 times more during the last 15 years. While the sector had an export figure of 300 million US dollars at the beginning of 2000’s, it now has reached an export sale of 2.4 billion US Dollars in 2015.
The sectors has maintained its development acceleration in spite of the wars, chaos, and economic crises in external markets, and the stagnation caused by political instability and increasing terror incidences in the domestic market in that these incidences caused the market to become smaller in commercial terms the competitive strength of the products have increased more than before. And as a result of the increasing Research and Development activities, the products have been offered to the customers with more quality at a less price and with more attractive designs, and most importantly at more convenient prices.
These effective works have led the sector to open to export markets, and in 2000’s our local companies have started to participate in the fairs and exhibitions abroad by virtue of which they have also contributed a lot to the promotion of our sector and our country. And this stagnation has led the sector to open to external markets and to renew itself more than before.
When there is a full political support for the sector, the targets for 2023 can be realized. For example, the increase of the purchases by credit cards up to 12 installments has given some relief to the sector as a result of which the consumers had more flexibility in payments, and the market has revived. However, when we ask ourselves is this sufficient; the answer is unfortunately no, because taking into consideration the fact that a set of furniture is around 10-15 thousand Turkish Liras we see that it is hardly possible to pay such a high price at 12 installments. We expect that this number of installments should be raised at least to 16, and that the 8% VAT applied for the textile sector should be also applied to the furniture sector.
We appreciate that the government gives support to the investors, that both KOSGEB (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Support Agency) and TÜBİTAK (the Turkish Scientific and Technological Council) also gives support to entrepreneurs who want to establish their own business, and that the Turkish Eximbank keeps its support for Turkish Exporters in respect of insurance and finance. Therefore, we believe that our members will increase their Research and Development activities in line with these developments.
As a result of the shining star of the sector MOBESKO’s starting its activities as being the Furniture Shopping Mall of the sector in 2010, our sector has shown a rising trend in our region and especially in our province. Due to the fact that it is a shopping mall where families do shopping by walking around and by having a nice time, the growth at the end of the year 2016 was higher than the inflation rate, and now our goal is to obtain a growth rate at 20%. The interest of our people and the interests of foreigners and especial the interests of the Arabs in our region have all had a big share in this growth. So, you, as well, may visit the furniture world MOBESKO to say hello to the summer, and obtain important gains.
My best regards to everyone…

Chairman of the Board of Directors of MOBESKO